Sudden transformation problem

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Sudden transformation problem

Post by DrStrangelove » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:09 pm

We are stumped with a transformation problem that started occurring early today. Yesterday it was working fine, as usual. I tried backing out the xpr and ditamap changes that occurred after the last good build, but we still have the same problem. Most of us are on Editor 19 or 19.1, but between the two builds someone checked in an xpr file from version 20.1. But as I said, if I back this revision out we still have a problem. The good and bad builds clean output, plus I cleaned everything out manually when I started seeing a problem.

The end result of the build is that, although it's successful, we have two subfolders where normally we'd see our content. There is a t5 folder, and under that, all of our content. There is also an oxygen-webhelp subfolder that has subfolders of resources and search. If I manually move the contents of the t5 folder up one level then everything works fine.

I compared the logs from today's bad build with a log from an older good build, and they diverge at the branch-filter section. The bad build log shows filtering files from ...webhelp/oxygen_dita_temp/t5/... but the good log does not nest this under t5.

The previous sections of the log (such as the "Processing file..." section and the "Copying file..." section) seem the same in both logs, i.e. they both use nested folders t1/t2/t3/t4/t5.

So to recap, what we're seeing in out output folder is shown below. Can you help?

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index.html, etc.
(our usual content)
commonltr.css, index.htm, etc.

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Re: Sudden transformation problem

Post by ionela » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:56 pm


A possible cause of this problem can be if you have references to resources located outside of the main DITA Map folder. To fix this, please check the following topic from our user-guide: ... -refs.html

Ionela Istodor
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Re: Sudden transformation problem

Post by DrStrangelove » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:28 pm

One of our build experts reports that he has solved this problem. He says that changing args.input from

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has fixed the problem.

He says: "The args.input value was causing the problem because it made Oxygen use the user's temporary dir in AppData as the output directory. Changing the variables around makes Oxygen stop trying to replicate the directory structure of the SVN working copy in AppData.
That's why the links were broken."

Note, for our output params, we use base directory = ${cfd} , and temp/output dirs are under ${homedir}[...]

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