French translation : few mistakes

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French translation : few mistakes

Post by dalex_one » Sun May 25, 2003 12:44 pm


Here's a few translation mistakes I found in the french version of Oxygen 2.0:
-> "Add to templates" translated to "Ajoutez aux modèles"...
should be "Ajouter aux modèles"

-> "Find/Replace" translated to "Recherche/Rechercher/Remplacer"...
should be "Rechercher/Remplacer"

-> "Find Again" translated to "Recherche encore"...
should be "Rechercher le suivant"

-> "Show Tree Editor" translated to "Montrez Editeur D'arbre XML"...
should be "Montrer l'éditeur d'arbre"

-> "Check XML Form" translated to "Contrôler que le document XML soit bien formé"...
should be "Contrôler que le document XML est bien formé"

Anyhow, the software works perfect :)
Nice work !!