Oxygen 14 beta : Comments footer in generated webhelp topics

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Oxygen 14 beta : Comments footer in generated webhelp topics

Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:04 pm

Hello oxy team

It seems that there are new functions that will allow to gathe comments in each topic. New strings in xml string files seem to indicate that some php engine will drive that comments/login/user register mechanism.

I see that [unwanted] footer in MSIE (only) containing a request comment. New js code too. What is that about ?

How to disable that behavior : ant variable, other ?

Is it only a beta thing ?

Thx a lot.
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Re: Oxygen 14 beta : Comments footer in generated webhelp topics

Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:36 am


Oxygen 14.0 will add the transformations DITA Map WebHelp and DITA Map WebHelp with Feedback. Only the second transformation will allow the users to register with a user name and password and post comments to any topic from the Webhelp output in a Wiki style. The PHP code and JavaScript code will manage the users and their comments. If there are no user comments on a page that page will contain only some empty div elements that will not be visible in the browser and will not increase the size of the HTML page.

If you want to try the user comments part just set some values for the webhelp.product.id and webhelp.product.version parameters in the DITA Map WebHelp with Feedback transformation and follow the instructions that are displayed in the page that is opened automatically in the browser at the end of the transformation.

If you do not need this user comments feature just use the DITA Map WebHelp transformation. This transformation does not include any PHP or JavaScript code for the user comments management.


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