Tag-Insight improvements

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Tag-Insight improvements

Post by dominik » Wed Sep 22, 2004 4:10 am

Tag-Insight helps a lot but could use some tweaks. I think that the following two improvements could help significantly:
- Ideally, Tag-Insight should display elements in the order defined by a schema and only those that are allowed in a current position. Currently they are displayed in an alphabetical order which is pretty difficult to work with. On a few occasions I was forced to go back to a schema document to figure out the order in which elements should occur.
- Optional elements, with minOccur=0, should be displayed by Tag-Insight, maybe using a different color or itallic font? Currently, one has to go back to a schema file to figure out what the available, optional elements are.

I believe that implementing the above two features would go a long way.


- Dominik