Customizing *.xpr files (Oxygen Project files)

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Customizing *.xpr files (Oxygen Project files)

Post by Zearin » Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:59 pm

I was wondering if it’s possible to manually edit the *.xpr project files…
  • …without seriously screwing anything up (I am okay dealing with minor glitches and reversible errors)
  • …to help me “automate” some common things I do in every project (a folder skeleton and some symlinks). If it’s safe to do this but I would need to make the edit to each individual project file, that is okay. But obviously if it is possible to edit a “template” *.xpr file and enact a change from here forwards that would be ideal. :D
-- Zearin

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Re: Customizing *.xpr files (Oxygen Project files)

Post by adrian » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:02 pm


While you can manually edit the XPR project files(since they are XML files) I wouldn't recommend this unless absolutely necessary(e.g. to to copy/paste some options or file references from one project file to another).

Most manual modifications can't produce more that minor glitches(missing files, broken links), but do note that some of the modifications(especially in the project options section) could lead to unhandled errors/exceptions(Oxygen will show an unhandled error message and warn you about potential application stability issues).

My advice is to proceed with caution. Test beforehand any project that was produced by a manual edit or a transformation.

Adrian Buza
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