4.0 feature: convert results to open document

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4.0 feature: convert results to open document

Post by madde001 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:37 pm

One feature I'd like to see in 4.0 (it may be there, but I'm just missing it):

In the XSLT debugger, I'd like an easy way to copy the results window contents to a new open document in the XML pane. This is for the case where the output of the transform is going to be a new xml document.

I can currently left-click and select "Save results...", give it a name, save it, then reopen it manually. But I'd like to have a single menu item (something like "Copy results to new document") that would transfer the contents across as "Untitled##.xml" into the open documents pane.

Is this possible?