Transformation scenario

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Transformation scenario

Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:37 am

I created a folder structure in Oxygen XML as follows:
Source: DITA files
Images: Image files
Utilities: main.css, commonltr.css, commonrtl.css, header.html and footer.html
Templates: Template files
Output: Automatically created the output while compiling
I customized the main.css file according to the requirements. When I compiled the file, I got the required output. My understanding about the process was that while compiling Oxygen XML picks the dita files from the source folder; images from the image folder according to the path given in the dita files in the Source folder; main.css, header.html, and footer.html files from the Utilities folder; creates templates in the template folder; and produce the output files in the output folder while compiling. But, to my surprise I found that Oxygen is not picking the files from the Utlities folder and I have to copy the header, footer, and main.css files to the output folder everytime I customize the main.css files. I think I am wrong in understanding the process. Please explain.

Also, while sending the files to a remote system, do I need to copy the header.html, footer.html, and main.css files in the output folder everytime to get the result.
Sorry to bother you with such a big mail....Please help.
Thanks in advance

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