Browsing is much more important that editing ...

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Browsing is much more important that editing ...

Post by Manfred » Sun Jan 04, 2004 12:53 pm


when designing tools for developers, an interesting and important question is: is the main idea and "philosophy" targeted to READ development files or to EDIT such files?

From my point of view the answer is very clear: if you work together with many other colleagues then a concrete file is read MANY times more than this file is EDITED by someone.

I guess the ratio "browsing cycles / editing cycles" is about 10:1 or even much larger.

Therefore you might want to consider to extensively improve the readability / browsing facilities of oXygen. There are many aspects which can be changed: very small UI improvements, redesigns of windows and panes, adjusting the offered functionality, ......

From my pint of view oXygen is a great tool. I can imagine that improving the "READABILITY" make this tool much greater. And I guess many users will appreciate.