WebHelp output similar to 'Space Exploration'

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WebHelp output similar to 'Space Exploration'

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I'm using Oxygen 26.1 and my project consists of a main root map and several submaps, each with a separate guide.
Currently, when I build an HTML output based on the WebHelp Responsive system, after I navigate from the landing page (by clicking any of the tiles that are based on the first-level topic of each submap), content from all maps is bundled into one page and one TOC.

Instead, I would like to create a site where each submap's content is stored on a separate page, with TOC content only for that submap. Basically, I would like to replicate the sample 'Space Exploration' WebHelp output from the Oxygen Styles Basket. I'm pretty sure there's a parameter for that.

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Re: WebHelp output similar to 'Space Exploration'

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Please note that the references to submaps are discarded at transformation time and all the topic references from each submap are copied in the main map at the position of the map reference. See the DITA specification for the <mapref> element: https://www.oxygenxml.com/dita/1.3/spec ... apref.html

Currently there is no out-of-the-box solution to keep the map references in place and generate chapters for each submap.
However, there is an workaround. You can wrap each map reference in a <topichead> with the same title as the referenced map. For example:

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<map id="standardlib">
  <topichead navtitle="Developing with standard libraries">
    <mapref href="lib.ditamap"/>
  <!-- ... -->
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