DITA Context not building an effective key space

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DITA Context not building an effective key space

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I would like to understand the intended behavior of the DITA Context feature (using CF 6.2). I still have questions after reading the documentation.

As I understand it, the DITA Context feature is for specifying a DITA map to use for DITA key resolution in a Review Task. Its purpose it to let our reviewers see the content that is "behind" each @keyref and @conkeyref. For example, with key resolution, a product name variable shows our reviewers its enumerated value (the word or phrase) instead of its static @conkeyref value (which is just an ID or identifier). Therefore, effective key resolution is necessary for any review to be valuable.

This is where I need clarity: I am seeing that key resolution with the DITA Context feature is limited to key definitions found in the specified map only. The DITA Context feature does not appear to gather key definitions from other resources that are referenced in the specified map. For example, if I have my top-level DITA publication map set as the DITA Context, and that DITA map has a mapref to a variables submap (that has keys) and a mapref to a submap collection of reusable DITA "warehouse" topics that have keys, my Review Task will not resolve any keyed content reference from those two submaps -- or from any of their descendant maps either. Is this the intended behavior?

If this is the intended behavior, it presents a severe obstacle in creating a high-quality review and getting high-quality feedback. Our reviewers can't see all of the content that we need them to review. Even if they could be trained to change the DITA Context on their own, inside the web browser experience, they would only be able to resolve keys from one DITA map at a time. In the example I used earlier, they would need to set DITA Context to the variables submap to resolve products names, and then set DITA Context a second time to see reused paragraphs, steps, notes, and more. And doing that removes their ability to see product names again.

The example I described above illustrates a simple scenario. But, in our real work, we have several maps that contribute to a single, overall, effective key space by setting the Context dropdown in the DITA Maps Manager in Oxygen XML Editor (software) to our top-level publication DITA map. As you're aware, all of the descendant keys get resolved no matter where they're defined in the DITA map hierarchy. We do not use @conref or @href fallbacks.

Any insight, help, or feature request would be most appreciated. Thank you all!
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Re: DITA Context not building an effective key space

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Thank you for contacting us.
We also want to thank you for the feedback provided. It's very useful for us as we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products.
It would be helpful if you could provide us with a sample of the files described in the post. This way, we can thoroughly understand your use case, and perhaps even provide a workaround based on the situation.
You can use this online form to upload the sample [1].

[1] https://www.oxygenxml.com/techSupport.html

Cosmin Eftenie
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