Spell check in files

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Spell check in files

Post by kim »

I have some users that really want to take advantage of the spell check results that they can save from the results pane when they select "Spell Check in Files" instead of just "Spell Check". However, it seems like the "in files" option doesn't check xincludes. The only way we've found to spell check xincluded files is to actually open the file in Author mode (not Text mode) and run the spell check. Do you have any suggestions? Or am I missing a setting or something somewhere?
The Project scope doesn't work for us because all our projects include a shared directory and we don't want each user to have to always check all the content in the shared directory.
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Re: Spell check in files

Post by Radu »

Hi Kim,
This is correct, right now our spell check in files works as if you would open the XML document in the Text editing mode and spell check it. The spell check in files does not expand xi:includes, entity references or other types of references.
I added an internal issue based on your request, I will paste the issue ID below for future reference:
EXM-53620 Spell check in Files -> Check also in xi:includes, DITA content references
If we manage to improve the spell check in files in a future version we will update this forum thread.
Radu Coravu
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