Support for CJK keywords with more than 3 chars needed

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Support for CJK keywords with more than 3 chars needed

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As the search rules went, CJK keywords with more than 3 chars in WebHelp are not supported in current release and history releases.

Hope this could be improved in recent releases. Customers and internal users sent us feedback that they cannot search lots of important and common keywords containing 3 or more Chinese characters, some of which are very basic ones like (物联网 = IoT/Internet of Things; 数据库=Database; 数据类型 = data types; 操作符 = operators; 数据结构=data structures; etc.) It doesn't make sense at all to tell every user that when searching certain keywords with more than 3 chars, try to split them with spaces. That is a very bad user experience.

There are almost 1.5 billion Chinese speaking people, 130 million Japanese speaking people and around 100 million Korean speaking people living in this world, that's roughly 1/5 of the overall population of this planet. And a huge market as well.

Even though there isn't a release or patch version that fix this problem, at least you can share some workaround for CJK users. Search over keywords is a very important feature to nowadays users/readers, very few people read documentation following the order from A to Z, chap 1 to 10. People search before they dive into complicated content headings.