Performance Comparison with Kate

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Performance Comparison with Kate

Post by jokester01au » Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:17 am


I just read through this post again to try to figure out a solution to the persistent problem of oxygen hanging when you (inadvertantly) try to open a large XML document.

I am running Linux and JRockit and Eclipse, and I turned off code folding, validate as you type, and also the parser validation features.

Opening a 6.7MB XML document takes about 2min, but it opens. It then takes another 1min or so every time you switch context in/out of that document. This context switching delay makes use of Oxygen completely untenable.

So I loaded the document up in Kate (which admittedly provides fewer features, but it still does prettyprinting, folding, and auto-indent). It loaded in less than 1 second and is just as agile navigating around the document. (although there is a delay in folding/unfolding a large range).

Surely there's something wrong with this picture.

Oxygen does outlining (kate doesnt), but that doesn't seem to require fundamentally a great deal more effort than pretty printing.

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Post by Radu » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:57 am


Thanks for the input.

The Oxygen plugin is fully integrated in Eclipse and this means it also has the drawbacks of the Eclipse platform.

Indeed Oxygen has a large memory footprint for big documents and loading a 6.7MB XML document should take a while but editing it and switching to and from it should pose no problem.

Turning off XML folding is indeed a good idea because the Eclipse folding implementation was never designed for large files.

You can increase the memory used by Eclipse by adding -vmargs -Xmx512m to the Eclipse command line.
Also we recommend using the SUN Java virtual machine instead of JRockit (we do not officially support it).

As an experiment you can also try to open the XML file as text in Eclipse and switching between different applications and Eclipse to see how it behaves.

You could also install the Oxygen standalone application and see if it behaves better.

We have many more features than Kate and each of these indeed takes a toll on the memory needed to open an XML file.
For example the Oxygen outliner dynamically reconfigures itself while editing and it needs extra memory for that.
The Pretty Print is a static action called on user request so there can be no comparison made between them.

We are constantly trying to improve the loading times and memory consumption of our application so any further input is appreciated.

Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

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