Creating dynamic file sets for XSLT, Validation, etc.

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Creating dynamic file sets for XSLT, Validation, etc.

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Dear Team,

in our project, we have the following need. There is a folder with subfolders which contains multiple XML and others files. We need to apply XPath, XSLT, "format & indent" and Validation scenarios to different sets of these files. Current possibilities which I see could be logical folders and working sets. Though the last one seem to be restricted to XPath only (?).

The other need is to create these file sets dynamically from a (SQL) database as they are continuously changing. Ideally, it would be nice to share the file sets using XPR-projects or/and framework. Is it possible in any way?

We use oXygen v25.

Best regards,
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Re: Creating dynamic file sets for XSLT, Validation, etc.

Post by tavy »

Hi Oleksii,

I think the best solution for your use-case is to create logical folders with the resources. In this way you can use more easily all the actions (XPath, XSLT, Format & Indent, and Validation) directly on the specified folders. You can also share the project with your team and they will have the same structure of files in the project, but also the validation and XSLT transformation scenarios.

If you want to create the file sets dynamically from from a (SQL) database, a solution can be to create a script that will add automatically the files in logical folders. You can do this by modifying the .xpr file directly from the script, in the <projectTree> element add logical folders something like <folder name="FileSetsFolder">, and logical files something like <file name="pathToFile"/>.

If you want to perform this actions automatically on a server and then just send the report to the user, maybe you can consider using the Oxygen Scripting

Best Regards,
Octavian Nadolu
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