Arbitrary rotation - Text and other objects

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Arbitrary rotation - Text and other objects

Post by NickKuh » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:25 am

I've been building an application for a client that enables their users to design business cards using Flash front end and then generates and XSL-FO document that FOP turns into a printable PDF.

XSL-FO seems to do everything I require for this application apart from arbitrary object rotation. Ie it permits 90,180,270 degree rotation but nothing in between.

The spec requires that the following object types can be rotated: images, text, rectangles and ovals.

I am currently using SVG in my XSL-FO document to achieve the creation and manipulation of the rectangles and ovals. I could use ImageMagick to rotate the images before generating the PDF but what about text? I've looked into SVG text which supports rotation but it doesn't support text wrapping or new lines.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.