HTML5 output and locktitle behavior

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HTML5 output and locktitle behavior

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I'm transforming DITA to HTML5 and I have noticed that the locktitle attribute works on the top-level topics, but not the second-level topics in my navigation tree. For example, I have the following structure:

Part 1. Introduction to X (locktitle=yes)
Chapter 1. Getting Started (locktitle=yes)

The output navigation looks like this:
Part 1. Intruction to X
Getting Started

Is this working as designed or is there something else I need to do? For now, I'm working around it with conditional coding, which is OK since I need the title of the topic to reflect the same text, but it seems like locktitle should work regardless of where I set it.
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Re: HTML5 output and locktitle behavior

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I'm afraid I do not understand, from your example I see you set locktitle on two topics and their titles in the table of contents seem to both reflect the titles.

The "locktitle" attribute influences only the table of contents, not the actual topic contents. ... title.html

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