Why Network files are opening slow

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Re: Why Network files are opening slow

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And we are noticing opening XML files from a network path or from a OneDrive location is taking longer to open than a file on the local hard drive
It is normal and expected that opening files from a remote location takes longer than opening a file from the local drive (the network is always slower than the local drive). So, some quantification is required to establish that there is a problem when opening remote files.

The jump from v15 to v24 is enormous (almost 10 years), so the differences can be significant.
I looked around on the forum and it was suggested to uninstall OpenJDK, but this is not installed on the PC.
I believe the suggestion is to uninstall the OpenJDK distribution of Oxygen and install the one with Java 8. Look for the "Windows 64-bit (Includes Java SE 8u202)" download. You may want to try installing v24.1. The build you have mentioned is of v24.0.

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