Questions about DITA Map Webhelp

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Questions about DITA Map Webhelp

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Hi There,

Here I have two questions about DITA Map Webhelp.
1. When I publish an HTML webpage and click on one of the topics, it will only display the content of this topic as shown below, but not the content of the related topics before and after.
Is it possible to display the content of all topics, and scroll the page to see the content before and after? And when clicking on a single topic, it will locate the position corresponding to the topic.
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2. After publishing the HTML web page, I still want to keep the corresponding PDF document on the web page. How can I customize the style of the web page to keep both the HTML button and the PDF download button on each map? Refer to the picture below:
image.png (53.08 KiB) Viewed 141 times
Thanks a lot for your kind help. :D
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Re: Questions about DITA Map Webhelp

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Regarding the first question, unfortunately, in the current WebHelp implementation we do not have this functionality. I have logged your feedback as an improvement request to out issue tracking tool.
In case it helps, you can set the chunk ="to-content" attribute on the parent topic and this way you'll group the content from multiple topics to one HTML file. More details about chucking can be found here:Chunking

For the second question, we have a topic in our user-guide that describes how to add a link to PDF documentation.

I hope this helps.

Ionela Istodor
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
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