Remove chapter numbering from headers

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Remove chapter numbering from headers

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My team has a rather unique situation due to regulatory requirements where not every chapter number will be used in order for our manual. For example, we have a Chapter 3 but no 1 or 2. We're autonumbering chapters using the "shallow" option, as well as using some CSS customizations I found online for example to hide chapter numbering in the TOC. I'm not aware of an option that doesn't autonumber at all, so went with "shallow" as it seemed to apply the least amount of numbers.

Our problem is the automatic headers Oxygen produces still pull in the chapter titles into headers and autonumbers them. We'd like to get rid of the numbering entirely as it's confusing (ex. Chapter 3 is numbered as 1), but keep the chapter titles. Please advise on how to do so, either in just the header or entirely (as we don't need automatic numbering of any kind on chapters).

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Re: Remove chapter numbering from headers

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Hi Veronica,

You can start using the "How to Remove the 'Chapter NN' Prefix from Table of Contents and Content" topic from our user-guide, then if you want to remove the chapter number from the headers too use this rule instead of the rule from the topic:

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*[class ~= "topic/topic"][is-chapter]:not([is-part]) > *[class ~= "topic/title"]:before {
    content: none !important;
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