Open project file options?

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Open project file options?

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When I double-click a project file or open a project file from the context or File menu, Oxygen opens every file in the project. Is there a configuration option to disable this behavior? The project contains hundreds of files, so this is obviously not the desired behavior. A new colleague (who just installed Oxygen and cloned the project from Git) gets a different behavior: the XPR file itself opens instead of the project contents.
My system: Mac OS Big Sur, Oxygen 24.0
Their system: Windows, Oxygen 24.0

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Re: Open project file options?

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The only way to open an XPR project file in Oxygen as XML is to drag and drop it from a file explorer to Oxygen's main editing area.
I'm not sure why this works differently for your colleague. How do they open the XPR? Drag and drop or using the main menu File->Open or using the main menu "Project->Open project"?

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