3D Array and loops

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3D Array and loops

Post by jordan23 » Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:50 pm

I am trying to display a 3D array. I only want to display 1 level of the 3D array. So i am attempting to do this

for a=1 to 4
for b=1 to 4
display x[my3rdplan,a,b]

How do I do this in xslt? Here is my data.

<Array1 Name="MyData" >
<Value D1="1" D2="1" D3="1">12</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="2" D3="1">23</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="3" D3="1">11</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="4" D3="1">11</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="1" D3="2">23</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="2" D3="2">32</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="3" D3="2">11</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="4" D3="2">3</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="1" D3="1">242</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="2" D3="1">13</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="3" D3="1">76</Value>
<Value D1="1" D2="4" D3="1">49</Value>

Thanks in advance.