publish Webhelp for different product models

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publish Webhelp for different product models

Post by catherine »

Hi, I have a problem about how to publish one ditamap for different product models.

I have the following folders that store topics for different guides.
  • admin-guide
  • end-user-guide
  • api-guide
  • integrations
  • faq
If I publish webhelp for 3 product models, the URL are:

and for each product webhelp, the user guides have different URL, for example, the URL for admin guide are:

My problem is that:
can we have a global URL for faq topics for the 3 products?
For now, we only get 3 different URLs for faq topics:

we want our customers to see faq topics in a one place by a URL , such as
How can we deal with it by Oxygen software?

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