Custom profiling attributes in web author

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Custom profiling attributes in web author

Post by flyingbear » Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:05 pm

If I have a custom profiling attribute @myattr, and I want to use it to highlight DITA content and also to be able to filter content based on the value of the attribute.

What I tried: (1) create a subject scheme and put it in the root DITA Map (2) create a topic under the root map using the attribute.
The attribute is not highlighted.
I also tried it in the desktop XML editor, it does not highlight the attribute either unless I add the attribute to the "Profiling Attributes". The steps I followed is here: ... e-map.html. The tutorial is built using the built in attribute audience and it does not work with custom attribute.

My question:
(1) what should I do to let Oxygen Web Author highlight my customized @myattr attribute?
(2) how to provide ditaval file to filter content based on the value of customized attributes?
There is a parameter dita.val.url: ... aunch.html
However the request to retrieve the file defined in dita.val.url is not sent to the oxygen web author backend. However, the url and ditamap files are sent to the backend. It makes me wonder how to use dita.val.url? Are there anything that could prevent browser send the dita.val.url request to the backend?

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Re: Custom profiling attributes in web author

Post by cristi_talau » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:36 pm


The subject scheme can be used to control the values of the profiling attributes. To use custom profiling attributes, in your specialization, the domain attribute of the root element should contain:

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a(props ATTR)
where ATTR is the name of the custom profiling attribute. More details about using a DITA specialization can be found here [1].

Regarding the dita.val.url file, the parameter name is correct. The processing of this file happens on the Web Author back-end - there is no request from the browser to load this file. I expect that your ditaval file will work once you defined the custom profiling attributes in your specialization.


[1] ... ation.html

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