Multiple ${caret} variables in Code Templates

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Multiple ${caret} variables in Code Templates

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I hope, I'm not missing that this already exists.

In code templates, it happens quite a lot, that you'll need to fill in text at two points (e.g. an attribute, plus text in the tag).

So it would be very useful to be able to have multiple ${caret} variables in templates; and when inserting the template, to be able to jump to the next one by hitting Tab (and to jump back with Shift + Tab). And when at the last ${caret}, to jump to the end of the Template by hitting Tab.
This behavior is quite common in IDEs for Sorftware Developement (e.g. PyCharm or IntelliJ), so it's probably not only me finding that praktical.

I'd be happy to see this in the future. Thanks!
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Re: Multiple ${caret} variables in Code Templates

Post by Radu »


Thanks for the feature request, I added an internal issue for it and if we implement it in the future we'll update this forum thread.

Radu Coravu
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