Adding Additional Info in Footer

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Adding Additional Info in Footer

Post by santhudev123 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:25 pm


We have different documentation number for each sub-topic/sub-chapter and it should be mentioned in the footer(bottom -center). How can we achieve this.

The document number is as follow:
3EHW 411401
3EHW 411402
3EHW 411403
3EHW 411404

Here's my code

@bottom-center {
content: oxy_label(text, "ldent No.") "\A"
oxy_xpath("let $cm:= format-numbering() \
return concat( \
if ($cm= 'Loco Body') then '3EHW 411401' else \
if ($cm= 'Structure') then '3EHW 411402' else \
if ($cm= 'Exterior Finish') then '3EHW 411403' else \
if ($cm= 'Doors and Steps') then '3EHW 411404' else \
if ($cm= 'Draftgear and Couplers') then '3EHW 411405' else \
if ($cm= 'Windows') then '3EHW 411406' else \
if ($cm= 'Horns and Lights') then '3EHW 411407' else \
if ($cm= 'Wipers and Washers') then '3EHW 411408' else \
if ($cm= 'Buffers') then '3EHW 411409' else \
if ($cm= 'Cable Duct') then '3EHW 411470.' else '' \
, \
' ', \
format-numbering() \
) ");

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Re: Adding Additional Info in Footer

Post by Costin » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:35 am

Hi santhudev123,

It is pretty difficult to mind the structure of your source files.
For example, it is not clear how and where you store strings like "3EHW 411401".

Also, we need more details on the "format-numbering()" function. Is it a custom one?

Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

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