Blurry fonts in editor

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Blurry fonts in editor

Post by matsek » Sat May 25, 2019 10:36 pm


I just migrated my Oxygen editor from my old Windows XP laptop to my new Windows 10 laptop.

On the screen of the new laptop, everything looks very blurry. Text is not sharp. On the old screen I didn't experience this, or at least the issue wasn't as severe.

Is there a setting or configuration that can be changed to make things look sharper?


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Re: Blurry fonts in editor

Post by adrian » Mon May 27, 2019 11:13 am


What version of Oxygen are you running?

Old versions of Oxygen (v16 and older) are not HiDPI (scaling) aware. On new displays that have high resolution for which you need some level of scaling (e.g. 125-200%) Windows tries to compensate by scaling/enlarging the entire application window, which causes the blurriness.
It is possible to disable this Windows feature by using the Compatibility tab from the application shortcut Properties to "Change high DPI settings", check the box for Override high DPI scaling behavior and leave Scaling performed by set to "Application". Note however that since this disables the Windows scaling, the Oxygen window and its contents will be tiny (very tiny if you have > 150% scaling). You can increase the fonts in Oxygen in Options > Preferences, Fonts, but this only works acceptably for < 150% scaling. All graphical elements (other than text) remain tiny.

The alternative is to purchase an upgrade to to the latest version of Oxygen which supports scaling (you can get a free trial to verify how that works), or install a more recent version of Oxygen, if your existing license key allows it. Check with our department if you are interested in the upgrade, or if you want to clarify what version your existing license key allows.

Adrian Buza
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