Is Batch Validation Possible using S1000D Schemas?

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Is Batch Validation Possible using S1000D Schemas?

Post by binar » Fri May 24, 2019 9:26 pm

I have S1000D Issue 4.1 Schemas and 1,450 XML files that need to be validated against these S1000D schemas. Is my OxygenXML powerful enough to batch validate all 1,450 XML files continuously and then at the end generate me a log file that will inform me which files failed validation. I look forward to any help that will show me the procedures I need to follow if my OxyenXML can indeed execute such an operation. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Is Batch Validation Possible using S1000D Schemas?

Post by sorin_carbunaru » Mon May 27, 2019 9:17 am


Yes, we do have support for batch validation ( ... ation.html). If you right click on a folder inside the Project view, you should see a "Validate" submenu to the bottom of the contextual menu, which has a "Configure Validation Scenario(s)" action (see also ... nario.html).

When creating the validation scenario, for each validation unit (i.e. each row in the table) you should set the file type to "XML Document" and set one of the S1000D schemas. You should have as many rows as schemas.

After you create the validation scenario with all the schemas, applying the scenario on the main folder of your 1450 XML files should report all the detected problems in the console. Then you can choose to save the report as TXT, XML or HTML.

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