Oxygen Crashes With Every Window-Export Layout Command

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Oxygen Crashes With Every Window-Export Layout Command

Post by StanDoherty_Oracle » Thu May 23, 2019 2:33 pm

Hi --

One writer on our team is experiencing an Oxygen Enterprise Editor crash every time he attempts to export his layout (Windows 10).

Is there some known issue with this feature or some dependency that we need to address?

Thanx in advance -

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Re: Oxygen Crashes With Every Window-Export Layout Command

Post by adrian » Thu May 23, 2019 3:10 pm


What version and build of Oxygen is the user using (Help > About)?

Please define "crash". The application:
a) exits abruptly (application window disappears)
b) stops responding with a dialog (dialog cannot be closed or interacted with). What does the dialog message say?
c) stops responding altogether (application window is visible, but does not respond)
d) other (please describe)

The "Export layout" operation opens a native (platform) file chooser (Open/Save) window. It's possible that the file chooser window induces the crash. What about if the user just tries to open or save a file locally, File > Open, File > Save As?

If the native file chooser is causing this, it's possible to disable it to avoid the issue. Go to Options > Preferences, Global and under the "File chooser dialog" subsection clear the box for Use platform file chooser

Adrian Buza
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