insertElements does nothing?

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insertElements does nothing?

Post by odeon » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:29 am


I'm trying to customise an authoring environment to always insert a <text> element when a (parent) <list-item> is inserted by adding the following to my framework's cc_config.xml:

<elementProposals path="kgp:list-item" insertElements="kgp:text" xmlns:kgp=""/>

In other words, I always want this when inserting a <list-item>:

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The DTD allows this (<kgp:text> is in %block.content;):

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<!ELEMENT kgp:list-item         (%block.content; | kgp:references | xi:include)+ >
The config file is recognised and used, as other customisations, such as removing some proposed attributes and renaming elements, work as expected. But no matter how I do this - I've tried a number of variations, with and without namespaces, other paths, etc - I can't make this work. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

My oXygen version is 21, build 2019040204, and I'm running it on Ubuntu Linux. Looking at the documentation ( ... ually.html), this particular procedure appears to be for 19.1, but I assume it's still the same?

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Re: insertElements does nothing?

Post by alex_jitianu » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:36 pm


Thank you for reporting this issue. I managed to reproduce it myself and I've recorded an issue. We will let you know as soon as we release a fix for it.

The easiest alternative, if you are working in author mode, is to create an author action that inserts a list-item with the required structure and then replace the default list item entry in the content completion tab.

If you want this behavior also in the text mode, then you can implement an SchemaManagerFilter. If you want to go on this path, please let me know and I will give a little more details on how to do what you want.

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