Add a custom attribute option

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Add a custom attribute option

Post by qiulihua » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:22 am


Add a custom attribute in the property drop-down box on the right side of the Oxygen XML Web, and use this custom attribute to verify it in the editor?

Whether you can configure topic.dtd to solve the problem, I feel it is very complicated.

thank you!

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Re: Add a custom attribute option

Post by cristi_talau » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:41 pm


In DITA you can add attributes by creating a specialization [1]. This is not a simple thing to do.

What kind of attribute are you trying to add? Maybe we can give you better alternatives or advice? For example, the outputclass attribute in DITA can be used for any purpose.


[1] ... ation.html

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