Read-only flag indicator + source control hook

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Read-only flag indicator + source control hook

Post by Franck » Wed Feb 22, 2006 12:12 pm

Hello there.

I have been forced to move my code to Visual Source Safe, but now I wish Oxygen could be made VSS friendly.

VSS locks files that are not checked out, by making them read only.

1) Could the read-only status of a file be indicated in some way in the editor, before any editing happens? A padlock or crossed-pen icon on the tab would do the trick.

2) Could there be a custom action command set-up somewhere to run on read-only files?

So: in an ideal world: I open my locked file: a dialog box pos up, telling me that the file is read-only, with 2 buttons : "cancel" and "change status"
"change status" would run the custom command, in my case "ss checkout %file_name% -Yuser,pwd"

Thinking of it, to keep it flexible, it be better if the custom command was a scripting (javascript) command, with the full file path as parameter. Javascript would allow me to pop out comment dialog box, or whatever else i feel the need to do.

If change status is left blank, maybe the default behaviour would be to remove the read-only flag on the file?