Alternate CSS coverage?

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Alternate CSS coverage?

Post by Timber » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:03 am

Hi all and kudos to Radu for helping me with my Chemistry problems.

The template is working fine now and adjusting the font size provided a temporary solution for margin box layout problems i.e. the fact that line break is not available yet in the official release.

But I do have a kind of a problem:

You suggested making all the modifications to alternate project css. So why did I modify most of the cascading style sheets directly? Because if I place the project css in the edit folder, the code in it won't override the code in the cascading style sheets of other folders, only the ones in edit folder.

Have I missed something? It would definitely be more practical to keep all the modifications in the project css.



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Re: Alternate CSS coverage?

Post by Radu » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:37 am

Hi Timo,

My colleague Radu with whom you discussed took a few days off so I will try to help you further. I have the same name so there will probably be a smooth transition :)
Usually the suggestion for customizing the PDF generation is to have a customization CSS placed somewhere on your hard drive, then to use the "args.css" parameter in the transformation scenario to point to it: ... dita2.html

Your custom CSS has very high priority in the entire set of CSSs the processor uses for publishing. So you should be able to override any selector from any of the CSSs used by the processor, without the need of making changes directly in the original CSSs. This should allow you to easily migrate to a newer version of the processor plugin when it becomes available as all your changes will be in your custom CSS.
If you cannot override a certain CSS selector please give me more details, which one is it and from what CSS does it originally come from? Also, how are you overriding it in your custom.css?

Radu Coravu
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