Problem with displaying XSLT through jsp and servlet

Here should go questions about transforming XML with XSLT and FOP.
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Problem with displaying XSLT through jsp and servlet

Post by sujatha » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:03 pm


I have Html page which requests data from database using servlets and this servlets call jsp where the xml data from database is parsed and threfore this jsp calls XSLT and diplays back in the client side HTMl. But I have a problem with displaying xslt in iplanet webserver.

My program gets the data from database and when I press next button in the html page it gets the next multivalue from the data base and displays(xslt) it. But whenever I press next button, the next set of data dispalys at the bottom of the page instead of dispalying there itself.
And the same program is working well in Webshpere and Tomcat environment. If anybody has any clue regarding this let me know.

Thanks, in advance.