Transforming DITA MAPs to PDF - output is incomplete

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Transforming DITA MAPs to PDF - output is incomplete

Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:25 pm

I am having trouble trying to transform DITA into PDF. I have created a dita-bookmap that contains several chapters. The Chapters contain maprefs and topicrefs.

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        <topicref href="../12_TechnicalData/Dimensions.BasicMachine.3XXXXX.XXXX.dita"
            props="prop1" product="product1;" audience="novice"/>
        <topicref href="../12_TechnicalData/Dimensions.XXXX.dita"></topicref>
        <topicref href="../12_TechnicalData/OperationalEnvironment.dita"></topicref>
        <topicref href="../12_TechnicalData/InterfaceConnectors.dita"></topicref>
        <topicref href="../12_TechnicalData/Emissions.dita"></topicref>
        <mapref href="../20_Safety/Saftey.ditamap"></mapref>
        <mapref href="../30_DesignXX/Design.ditamap"></mapref>

When I run the Transformation Scene for a single chapter, it works and looks fine. But when I try to transform the bookmap into a PDF, the PDF is incomplete. The document only shows the cover and a list of the topics in the Table of Contents. The content is missing entirely.

I have run the Validation and Completness Check, and there were no errors. Only when I ran the tranformation to DITA MAP PDF did the warning indications appear.
DOTJ036W The file "%1" referenced by "%2" is outside the scope of the input dita/map directory. If you do not want to see the warning message, please use the Ant parameter 'outer.control', and set the value to "quiet". Otherwise, move the referenced file "%1" into the input dita/map directory.

I have arranged my files and documents in my directory somewhat like this:

I have read about placing a mapref at the top of the tree, but I wasnt able to improve the results in my output.

So, please,how can create a PDF with all of my topics and maprefs in a single ducument?
Best regards, Danny
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Re: Transforming DITA MAPs to PDF - output is incomplete

Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:27 pm


The DITA-OT publishing engine does not support very well the situation when the DITA map has references to a DITA topic, map or to a binary resource (for example: image) that is located outside of the folder where the main DITA map is located.

The simplest solution to fix this problem is to set the parameter to true. This parameter is used to specify whether or not the application tries to fix such references in a temporary files folder before the DITA Open Toolkit is invoked on the fixed references.

Please note that this parameter is only supported when the DITA-OT transformation process is started from Oxygen XML Editor.

This situation is already explained in out user manual, see: ... -refs.html.
Radu Pisoi
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