Behaviour change importing the XML namespace

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Behaviour change importing the XML namespace

Fri Oct 14, 2005 12:09 am

I've stumbled across a change in the way <oXygen/> 6.2 handles importing the XML namespace. A skeleton set of schemas that illustrates the change can be found here. One schema (root.xsd) imports the XML namespace and uses schemaLocation="", the other schema (child.xsd) imports the XML namespace but uses a local copy of the xml.xsd file. Also, the local xml.xsd file is outdated and not exactly the same as the file on The root.xsd schema validates with <oXygen/> 6.0, Xerces-J 2.7.2, and XSV 2.10-1, but fails validation with <oXygen/> 6.2. Version 6.2 complains about multiple definitons of xml:lang, xml:base, and xml:specialAtts.

This is clearly an error in my schemas, but it never caused a problem in the past since most processors, including <oXygen/>, skip importing a namespace if that namespace has already been imported. I understand the spec is rather vague on this point, so I wouldn't call this a bug. But, I was wondering if this change was intentional or a side effect introduced with some other change?
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Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:46 am


Starting from version 2.7.0 Xerces-J can load element / type definitions for a namespace from multiple schema files by enabling the feature <oXygen/> 6.2 allows enabling and disabling the feature from Preferences - XML - XML Parser Options. When it is enabled the definition for xml:lang, xml:base etc is duplicated and validation fails. When it is disabled only the first schema file encountered for is parsed and you get no validation error.


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