Provide toolbar icon for Editor -> Whitespaces

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Provide toolbar icon for Editor -> Whitespaces

Post by RBVanDyke » Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:58 am

For oXygen XML Editor 17.1.

It would be handy if I could add a button / icon to the toolbar to toggle Preferences -> Editor -> Whitespaces on and off.

I'm working with some XML elements that contain a lot of freeform text. As part of configuring the associated XSL, I want to take a quick peek at those elements' whitespacing. At present I believe the only way to view whitespace characters in the XML file is to click my way into the Preferences -> Editor dialog(?)

After I've displayed the XML file's whitespace characters and go back to editing the associated XSL file, I now want to turn off whitespaces since they clutter up my XSL editing window. So back I go --- click, click, click -- to the Preferences -> Editor dialog. The hand motions start to accumulate.

It would therefore be handy if I could just add a non-default icon to the oXygen toolbar so I could more quickly view then hide whitespaces.

I also took a look at Preferences -> Menu Shortcut Keys. Show/Hide Whitespaces seems to be available for the Tree Editor, but not for the text editor(?) My point being that the ability to also define a keyboard shortcut for toggling editing window whitespace view might also be useful...

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Re: Provide toolbar icon for Editor -> Whitespaces

Post by adrian » Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:09 pm


Thank you for the feedback.
I've logged your feature request on our issue tracking tool. This thread will be notified when the feature is implemented.

Later Edit: I forgot to mention that currently this can be accomplished programmatically. See this thread for details:
Show SPACE marks programmatically

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