Drag and drop & Inserting References

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Drag and drop & Inserting References

Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:26 pm

Is there any way to get the map manager to insert a map link when you drag and drop a .ditamap onto it, like the way it does with .xml files? It acts as though it's going to insert a link where the mouse is, but then just ends up opening the file.

Also, is it possible in the InputURLChooserCustomizer to tell what type of reference you are trying to insert? For example, when someone chooses to insert a Map reference, I want the dialog to filter and only show .ditamap files, not xml. The InputURLChooser ResourceFilter does not seems to indicate this at all.

I suppose I could use JDialog.getWindows() and find the application dialog and then compare the title to provide filtering based on what dialog is open. Seems a bit of a hack though, but it would work.

<oXygen/> XML author 17.1, Win 7


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