Is XSL-FO to PDF possible with OxygenXML?

Here should go questions about transforming XML with XSLT and FOP.
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Is XSL-FO to PDF possible with OxygenXML?

Post by binar01011 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:20 am

Is XSL-FO to PDF possible with OxygenXML. I have XSL-FO stylesheets and need to convert the output these stylesheets generate into a PDF. My stylesheets are provided to me by the Army and are coded in XSL V 2.0. I would appreciate any comments on the tools OxygenXML offers for generating a PDF from XSL-FO data that originated from XML files. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Is XSL-FO to PDF possible with OxygenXML?

Post by ionela » Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:44 pm


To achieve this, you need to create a transformation scenario (XML transformation with XSLT) based on the source XML file that should be transformed to .pdf).

You can either:
- open the XML file and from the main menu invoke Document -> Transformation -> Configure Transformation Scenario(there's a corresponding action in the toolbar)
- add the XML file to the project, right click on it in the Project view and from the contextual menu choose Configure Transformation Scenario.

Now, click New to create a new scenario, select XML transformation with XSLT and:
1. give it an appropriate 'Name'
2. leave the 'XML URL' field to its default(${currentFileURL})
3. In the XSL URL browse for your stylesheet
4. From the transformer combo choose Saxon-PE(can also handle XSLT 2.0)
5. In the FO Processor tab check 'Perform FO Processing' option
6. You can further tune the 'Output'. e.g in the 'Save as' field you can specify: ${cfd}/${cfn}.pdf which translates into <current-file-directory>/<current-filename>.pdf
6. OK in all dialogs.

Next, transform your XML file using this scenario. To do this, from the main menu(there's a corresponding action in the toolbar) select: Document -> Transformation -> Apply Transformation Scenario.

Ionela Istodor
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

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