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Web Author Oxygen Data Directory

Oxygen XML Web Author configuration files are stored in a single folder that can be shared among multiple servers in a distributed deployment. It can also be reused when you update the server to a new version.

The default location of this folder depends on the distribution:
Windows, Linux, and All Platforms Distributions
OXYGEN_DATA_DIRECTORY = [OXYGEN_WEBAUTHOR_INSTALL_DIR]/tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/oxygen-xml-web-author.
Web Archive Distribution
OXYGEN_DATA_DIRECTORY = Depends on the servlet container. For example, in Tomcat it is located in work/Catalina/localhost/oxygen-xml-web-author.
Attention: If the Oxygen XML Web Author is started in security mode, you must set the oxygen.data.dir system property.
Important: WildFly and WebSphere will erase the folder with configuration files upon restart. For these servers, you must set the oxygen.data.dir system property to a folder that persists across restarts.

Oxygen Data Directory Contents

options Folder

This folder contains:

autocorrect Folder
Contains autocorrect configuration files (.dat).
spell Folder
Contains term list configuration files for the spell checker (.tdi).
dicts Folder
Contains custom dictionary files (.dic and .aff).
license.properties File
This file contains connection details for the license servlet.
options.xml File
This file contains various options for Oxygen XML Web Author.
plugins Folder
Contains the installed Web Author plugins and the auto-generated plugin.dtd schema file used for validating the plugin.xml descriptors for each plugin.
frameworks Folder
Contains the Web Author frameworks.
shiro-users.ini File
Contains the Web Author administrator user credentials.

Bundling a Web Author Configuration

You can create a WAR distribution of a web application based on the Web Author Component that bundles the configuration. The configuration files need to be placed in the WEB-INF folder with the following structure:
  • frameworks.zip - A zip archive with the frameworks that will be included in the application.
  • plugins.zip - A zip archive with the plugins that will be included in the application.
  • options.xml - A file that contains pre-configured options.
  • license.properties - A file that contains the details about the license server connection.

Result: The bundled configuration will be copied to the data directory when the application starts. When redeploying the application with a new configuration, it is recommended to clear the old configuration by deleting the contents of the data directory.