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Redundancy/Backup Deployments

Redundancy servers are often used to create high availability environments. In simpler terms, you create a second deployment of the servers called redundancy servers to take over the production servers in case of failure to avoid downtime.

Note: A redundancy environment requires a special redundancy license key. To obtain one, you need to contact our sales department at sales@oxygenxml.com.

To achieve this, you need to create two environments:
  • Production - The main environment.
  • Redundancy - A secondary environment that takes over the production environment if failure occurs.

Each environment consists of two components: an HTTP License Server and a Web Author instance.

To create the environments:

  1. Install an instance of the Oxygen HTTP License Server for each of the environments.
  2. Configure the license server to use the license keys . The production license key will be configured on the license server from the production environment while the redundancy license key will be configured on the license server from the redundancy environment.
  3. Install a Web Author instance for each of the environments. Choose Flexible setup on the initial configuration page.
  4. Go to the Administration page and configure both Web Author instances to use the license server instances:
    • The production license server as the main server.
    • The redundancy license server as the backup server.
      Tip: Both Web Author instances have the same license server configuration.
    Note: If only the production license server fails, Web Author automatically switches to the backup license server from the redundancy environment.

For the instance from the Redundancy environment to replace the one from Production, you will need to set up a load balancer that directs the users to the Redundancy Environment Web Author instance only when the Production Environment is down.

Note: Only the Web Author instances need to be handled by the load balancer because the License Server connections fallback is automatically handled by each Web Author instance if the main License Server fails.