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Customization and Integration

Intended Audience

This Customization Guide is meant to help integrators or system admins who are looking for information about integrating and customizing Oxygen XML Web Author.

For those looking for information about how to use the Oxygen XML Web Author application, see the Oxygen XML Web Author User Guide.


One of the main benefits of Oxygen XML Web Author is that it can be integrated into your existing content ecosystem and allows anyone in your organization to access your content from anywhere they have an internet connection. Oxygen XML Web Author is highly versatile and can be customized to work with any XML vocabulary and any file repository system. It uses the same extension points, frameworks, options, and plugins as the standalone version of Oxygen XML Editor/Author.

Depending on your requirements, you may need to integrate Oxygen XML Web Author with several components. The complexity of your integration can range from a simple configuration to developing custom extensions using the API.

Integration with File Storage Systems

If you want your content contributors to be able to open and save files, you need to integrate Oxygen XML Web Author with your file storage system. For example, it can be integrated into a CMS or a versioning control system.

Integration with a User Management System

You can also integrate Oxygen XML Web Author with a user management system. This allows you to manage permissions and authentication, display the name of the user in comments and tracked changes, or customize the interface according to a user profile.

Integration in a CMS or Another Web Application

Web Author can be integrated as an embedded XML editor within your Content Management System or in another web application. You can even customize the Web Author interface by using the JavaScript API.

Integrate Web Author in Your Workflow

Oxygen XML Web Author can be configured to launch from an embedded link (for example, a link that appears in a web page, email message, or published output). You can also control the workflow by embedding a custom action in the toolbar or contextual menu (for example, an action to check a file in/out or mark a reviewed file as being resolved).

Customizing Web Author for Your Content

There are various ways that you can customize Web Author to adhere to your requirements for structured content:

Tip: For more ideas about customization possibilities and to see some of them in action, watch our Webinar: Explore Web Author Beyond Technical Documentation.