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Every new version of Oxygen XML Web Author comes with a lot of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and security upgrades. Therefore, you should always use the latest version. However, you may want to perform some internal tests before allowing the users to use the new features. For example, you may want to disable some of the new features to keep the UI simple or to tweak some of the settings.

It is recommended that you make a separate deployment of the new version on a different VM, perform some acceptance tests, and then switch all of your users to the new deployment.

To upgrade Oxygen XML Web Author, follow these steps:

  1. Deploy the new version of Oxygen XML Web Author on a separate virtual machine and connect it to your existing license server. The two deployments will work in parallel, both using the same license pool.
  2. It might be necessary to update your license key. If you receive an error message regarding the license key version, follow this procedure. Your existing Oxygen XML Web Author deployment will continue to work with a license for the newer version.
  3. Tweak the settings for the new version to suit your needs.
  4. Switch all of the users to the new version. This can be achieved either by changing the DNS entry or configuring the Load Balancer to use the new deployment.