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To enable Google authentication in your Oxygen Content Fusion Enterprise Server solution, follow these steps:
  1. Create a new Google API project.
    1. Visit the Google Sign-In for Websites page and click the Configure a Project button.
    2. Choose + Create a new project and give it a name.
    3. For Product name pick something like: "Your Company - Content Fusion".
    4. For Where are you calling from?, pick "Web server" and for Authorized redirect URIs, type https://example.com/api/oauthc/googleId/callback.
      Note: https://example.com should be replaced by the location where Content Fusion is hosted.
    5. Click Create.
    6. You will be presented with a Client ID and Client Secret. Take note of these 2 values.
  2. On the machine where Content Fusion is installed, add these 2 lines to the /fusion/data/config/api/api.properties file, replacing Client ID and Client Secret with the 2 values from the previous step:
    goog_id=Client ID
    goog_secret=Client Secret
  3. Restart the Content Fusion machine.
    sudo bash /fusion/admin/stop-content-fusion.sh
    sudo bash /fusion/admin/start-content-fusion.sh

Result: Users will now have the option to log in with Google credentials when signing into the Content Fusion interface.