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You can create a properties file to specify the address of your Enterprise server. This server address will then be imposed when Oxygen XML Editor/Author connects to the server and the Content Authors that will be uploading tasks will not need to do any manual configuration. When they click Connect, your server address will be imposed and they will not have the ability to change it. To create the properties file, use this procedure:
  1. Create a properties file named oxygenContentFusion.properties with the following content:

    where [on-premise_server_address] is the URL of your Enterprise server (for example, http://myserver.com).

  2. Save this file in Oxygen's default preferences directory. Depending on the platform and product you are using, this file is located in the following directories:
    For Oxygen XML Editor:
    • Windows - [user-home-folder]\AppData\Roaming\com.oxygenxml
    • OS X - [user-home-folder]\Library\Preferences\com.oxygenxml
    • Linux - [user-home-folder]\.com.oxygenxml
    For Oxygen XML Author:
    • Windows - [user-home-folder]\AppData\Roaming\com.oxygenxml.author
    • OS X - [user-home-folder]\Library\Preferences\com.oxygenxml.author
    • Linux - [user-home-folder]\.com.oxygenxml.author
  3. Each Content Author needs to install the Oxygen Content Fusion Connector add-on in Oxygen XML Editor/Author, then open the task management view and click Connect.