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Pre-Upgrade Notes

  • System requirements: On the server running Content Fusion, you need enough disk space to create a backup. The backup file contains a compressed archive of all files located in /fusion/data/, so to be safe, the free space should be at least equal to the size of the data folder.
  • You cannot upgrade Content Fusion on the existing server. It needs to be installed on a new server and all tasks and configurations will be imported to the new server during the upgrade process.
  • Custom frameworks and plugins will need to be reinstalled manually on the new server.
  • The upgrade process will involve some downtime, so pick a time that does not affect the users.

Upgrade Procedure

  1. Deploy the new version of Content Fusion on a new server according to the appropriate deployment method:
  2. Once the new server is ready, reinstall any custom Web Author frameworks or plugins that you were using on the old server.
  3. Enable maintenance mode on the old server. Maintenance mode is needed to ensure that users are not making any changes to the tasks while the backup is being created.
  4. Create a backup of the old server by running the following command on the old server:
    sudo bash /fusion/admin/create-fusion-backup.sh
    This will create a backup archive fusion-backup.tar.gz in the current directory. If the backup file already exists, it will be overwritten.
  5. Copy the fusion-backup.tar.gz backup file to the newly deployed server.
  6. On the newly deployed server, run the following command to restore the backup:
    sudo bash /fusion/admin/restore-fusion-backup.sh /path/to/fusion-backup.tar.gz
    Result: After restoring the backup, all the user tasks and configurations will be available in the new Content Fusion server.
    Important: This means that the password for the Administration Web Page on the new server will be the same as on the old server.
  7. Because the backup was created while maintenance mode was enabled, the new Content Fusion server will be in maintenance mode after the backup restore. Go to the Administration Page and disable maintenance mode.
  8. To test the upgrade, check to make sure the tasks and configurations that were present on the old server are now present on the new server.
    Note: Depending on the configuration, you may have to configure your mail server to accept emails from the new Content Fusion server.
  9. Replace the old server with the new one.