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Review tasks that are created by the Content Author are automatically assigned to that Content Author as the task owner. It is possible to add additional owners to an existing task so that more than one Content Author can manage the task or merge the changes in Oxygen XML Editor/Author.

To add an additional owner to a review task:

  1. Open the task in a browser (click on name of the task in the Content Fusion Tasks Manager view).
  2. In the task Details tab, click the ASSIGN button.

    Step Result: This opens a dialog box where you can add additional owners to the task.

    Figure 1: Assign New Owner Dialog Box
  3. Start typing a name or email in the Add new owner field and the system will search for assignable users that can be selected from a drop-down menu.
    Note: The assignable users are based upon validated email addresses for each Oxygen Content Fusion Enterprise Server installation. If you need to limit the assignable users to a particular department within your organization (for example), it is recommended to have a separate Oxygen Content Fusion Enterprise Server installation for each department.
  4. Select a new owner and click the Add button to assign the task ownership to the new owner.

Result: The new owner is now assigned as one of the owners of the task. The task is now listed as one of the Review tasks owned by me in the My Tasks screen and the task is also added in the Content Fusion Tasks Manager view for the new owner.