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Using Web Author with Your WebDAV Server

Oxygen XML Web Author includes a WebDAV Connector plugin that enables you to access files stored on your WebDAV-enabled server. To access these files, it is assumed that the WebDAV Connector plugin is enabled and configured in your installation of Oxygen XML Web Author.

Opening or Creating Files

To open a file stored on a WebDAV server or create a new file, go to the main Dashboard, click the WebDAV tab, select the server URL, and log in. To create a new document, click on New in the top-right corner. To open an existing document, browse for the file and double-click it (or tap on a mobile device). If you need to change the server URL, click the Edit button.

Figure 1. WebDAV Browsing Functionality
Tip: If a file is not already in your repository, you can use the Upload File button to upload it before selecting it. You can also drag a file from your system file browser and drop it into the Web Author file browser.
Note: If your WebDAV integration has been configured to have the server URL imposed with the Enforced server option, you will not need to select the server URL. See Integrating Web Author with Your WebDAV Server for more information.

Unlocking a File Stored on a WebDAV Connection

When opening files on a WebDAV server, by default the files are automatically locked to prevent anyone using another connection to that WebDAV server from changing the file. There is an option that can be disabled by a system administrator to change this behavior.

To unlock WebDAV files, a system administrator can follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Administration Page.
  2. Select Plugins.
  3. Click the Configure icon for the WebDAV plugin.
  4. Deselect the Lock resources on open option.