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Browser Compatibility

Oxygen XML Web Author was developed and continuously tested on the following major Web browsers:
  • Chrome 72 and newer stable versions, running on desktop systems. [Recommended for optimal performance and user experience]
  • Chrome for Android 72 and newer stable versions, running on Android-enabled devices.
  • Mozilla Firefox 65 and newer stable versions, running on desktop systems.
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and newer stable versions, running on desktop systems.
  • OS X Safari 12 and newer stable versions, running on OS X.
  • Safari Mobile iOS 12 and newer stable versions, running on iOS devices.
As an HTML 5 application, it is likely to work on other HTML 5 compliant browsers for various platforms.
Note: For browser versions that are released after Oxygen XML Web Author version 23.0.0, the system administrator may have to upgrade to the latest maintenance build.

Known Issues

Due to implementation particularities, Oxygen XML Web Author may exhibit minor behavioral differences:
  • On Android devices, the content completion list of proposals might display undefined elements. To prevent this from happening, go to Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage and select OFF.
  • On Safari Mobile and Chrome for Android, there is no warning message if you close the browser page without saving the changes made in the document.
  • Input Method Editor (IME) is fully supported only when running Oxygen XML Web Author in a Chrome browser on a Windows platform.
  • On Safari Mobile, the native Bold, Italic, and Underline actions do not work. As a workaround, use the corresponding toolbar actions.
  • On Android devices, the editing works best with Google Keyboard having the Auto-correction option deselected and the Show correction suggestions option set to Always hidden. Alternatively, you can use Google voice typing.
    Note: Using other keyboards can lead to unpredictable results. If your document gets corrupted, use the Undo button.
  • On Safari Mobile versions 6 and 7, the copy/paste support ignores all text formatting, keeping only the content.
  • On Internet Explorer, there are known performance limitations. Also, some non-essential features are not implemented due to browser limitations. For example, triple-clicking an element does not select the entire element.
  • In Internet Explorer, dragging and dropping content does not work. For example, you cannot drag an element and drop it in another location.
  • On Chrome, a review comment that covers only a part of a word causes ligatures to be decomposed at the comment's boundaries.