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Enabling Mode for Editing DITA Map Content in One Document

Oxygen XML Web Author offers a feature that can be enabled for Git integrations for displaying a DITA map with all of the referenced topic content expanded and editable in one document. This editing mode is supported for all Git repository providers except for Bitbucket Server.

To enable this feature, a custom connector needs to set the editReferencesInPlace LoadingOption to true. When this feature is enabled you need to take several aspects into account:

  • Depending on the user workflow, you may need to add UI elements (such as form controls or contextual menu entries) to lock/unlock or check-in/check-out each topic reference.
  • If the connector implements a custom save behavior, you will need to use the UnsavedReferencesManager API to save the content in modified topic references.

Once enabled, users can trigger this mode by selecting Edit Topic Content from the DITA Map Display Mode drop-down menu.

When editing a DITA map in this mode, the editor provides actions for both editing topic content and editing map content. To implement this behavior, a special framework is used. This framework extends the DITA framework and adds some map-specific actions.
  • For performance reasons, only modified topics are validated.
  • Only top-level topics in a DITA file can be edited.