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Writing Java Unit Tests for Plugin Code

This tutorial assumes that you have a Maven project that implements a plugin for Oxygen XML Web Author.

For some unit tests, you need to create an AuthorDocumentModel, which is the server-side model for an XML document that is open in the browser. For this, you need to use the ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.webapp.WebappAuthorDocumentFactory.createAuthorDocumentInfo method. However, this class has to be configured to run in a development mode by following these steps:
  1. You need to declare a dependency on mockito-all in the pom.xml file, like this:
  2. In the root folder of your project, you need to create a test/fake_editor_home/frameworks/ folder and place all the frameworks you want to use in tests in this folder. The Web Author's default frameworks are available in the Oxygen Maven repository with the following details:
  3. Make sure to call MockAuthorDocumentFactory.initForTests() before any tests are run. For example, when using JUnit 4, you can run it in a method annotated with @BeforeClass.